InDesignSecrets Podcast 161

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  • New sister site:!
  • All about the new Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon
  • Creating accessible PDFs with InDesign: Tips and Resources
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Artifact

7 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 161

  1. looks great. I’ve watched Anne-Marie’s titles and read Liz Castro’s ePub book. As a result, I’ve started creating some ePubs on my iPad and Nook.

    Neither of those titles, however, talk much about creating and designing azw files for Kindle, though. I have no confidence in that regard right now. Wondering if there will be more information on that on the new sister site?

    I’ve looked at Amazon’s beta plug-in for InDesign, but it creates a lot of superfluous code. Any suggestions?

    (I would have posted this on, but I didn’t really know which post to put it on. After listening to Podcast #161, I thought this might be best.)

  2. Aldiko is okay and the best known ePub/Adobe DRM app for Android, but Mantano Reader is better IMO. It’s also very good for PDF viewing. It’s in the Amazon Appstore but at present is not available for Kindle Fire, so it has to be side loaded.

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