InDesignSecrets Podcast 162

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  • 2012 PePConference news; secret goodies for early early registrants
  • Interview with Matthew Diener, editor of
  • InDesign Shortcut of the Week: Command-Option-I/Ctrl-Alt-I
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Create Guides (the menu command)

3 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 162

  1. Good to see that the help file for InDesign CS5.5 includes a full list of hidden characters whereas, when David wrote the post to which there is a link in the show notes, it was not included in the help file for InDesign CS3 but needed to be tracked down seperately.

    I have made a practice since CS3 that, immediately after installing a new version, I go to the Adobe site and download (assuming I can find them all) the .pdf versions of all the help files for the various CS apps. That way, I can find help even when I am not online and (which I can?t readily do in the online version) I can run a search of the .pdf — very handy when I am not sure what the feature I want is called and need to try a couple of different names.

  2. Furry: I do the same thing. I also bookmark the home page of each app’s online help so I can send people URLs to specific pages when they have questions. (And, some pages gradually get a ton of comments which sometimes are as helpful as the original help page content.)

    John: Yeah yeah I know! LOL I should have finished the thought out loud … that QuarkXPress’s calling these “Invisibles” (and using Command/Ctrl-I as the shortcut) obviously has something to do with the ID shortcut. (There are still a number of InDesign users who call the Package command “Collect for Output” …)

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