InDesignSecrets Podcast 163

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  • 2012 PePConference update: John McWade (Before & After) added to speaker list
  • InDesign wishlists for CS6, CS7, and beyond
    • Create form fields (for PDFs)
    • In-app, non-destructive image editing
    • Enhance MiniBridge with metadata and keywords panel
    • Set screen resolution in preferences
    • Integrate InDesign digital publishing with Dreamweaver
    • User-modifiable Application Bar icons a la Acrobat X
    • Many more from our user-driven InDesign Wishlist site
  • WTH (What the Heck?) Feature of the Week: “Allow Document Pages to Shuffle”
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Star Inset

6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 163

  1. My “wish list” item from InDesign would be incremental leading. Where you can specificy which and how many lines line up with the baseline grid. Currently your only options are “all” or “first line”. But what if I have sidebar text that I want to sort of line up with the body text? With incremental leading I can do so, and have it look normal. If I try and line up smaller point sized, narrower text to a baseline grid set for larger pointsize, leaded text, it looks odd.

    Mark Boulton did a great article on it.

  2. @Colin: Interesting idea, but have you tried setting up “Custom Baseline Grid” in the text frames options dialog box? You can put the sidebar text in its own frame, and set that frame to have a specific baseline grid.

  3. I haven’t gotten around to listening to the podcast yet – but I hope that Footnotes got a mention! For the love of all that is InDesign, footnotes need to be updated! Namely, letting footnotes span columns!

  4. Whoops, the podcast came out and it snuck up on me. So, I’d better do a bang-up job on my comments…

    1. I think you can definitely say CS6. David Wadhwani did it, in the so that should be good enough for everyone…

    2. Images in InCopy? Doesn’t this only work when the images are inlined/anchored images? We run a quick InDesign script that saves all the file dimensions and file names/numbers to a text file and our photo editors use those to crop in Photoshop. Never got around to automating the other half (pulling the numbers from the file into Photoshop), I suppose we should.

    3. I just like to say It’s a nice catchy URL! (I wish I had more confidence in it, though…)

    4. Anne-Marie likes the Acrobat X UI. Well, there’s something I had not expected!

    5. Allow Document Pages to Shuffle. What is it in other languages? Well, my unreliable quick check of the translations offers:

    platinum-bar:idrc_PMST jhawk$ pwd
    /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS5.5/Adobe InDesign
    platinum-bar:idrc_PMST jhawk$ perl -e '@_=; for (@_) { y//\n/; }; print "@_";' *.idrc | grep -A5 Set.Page.Layout | egrep -v 'Set Page Layout|--|^$|_$|%$|^.$'
    Allow Document Pages to Shuffle
    Allow Document Pages to Shuffle
    Neue Dokumentseitenanordnung zulassen
    Autoriser la réorganisation des pages du document
    Permitir reorganización de páginas de documento
    Permitir embaralhamento das páginas do documento
    Tillåt flyttning av dokumentsidor
    Gør det muligt at flytte dokumentsider
    Volgorde van documentpagina's wijzigen toestaan
    Consenti lo slittamento delle pagine del documento
    Tillat omflytting av dokumentsider
    Salli julkaisun sivujen sekoittaminen
    ?? ??? ??? ??
    Povolit p?emíst?ní stránek dokumentu
    Dopu?? rekonfiguracj? stron dokumentu
    Dokumentum oldalai átrendezhet?k
    ????????? ??????????? ??????? ?????????
    Belge Sayfalar?n?n Kar??t?r?lmas?na ?zin Ver
    ????????? ???????????? ???????? ?????????

    Figuring out which language is which is left as an exercise to the reader :)

    It looks like most languages use a variation on “reconfiguration,” “reorganization,” or, err, “flytte.” I won’t tell you what my favorite is!!

  5. ??????????

    Oh, that’s a disappointment! While they all looked fine in Firefox in edit window, some languages definitely didn’t make it through. That’s sad.

    Here is a link to a screenshot of the list: 2012.01.05.shuffle.png. I don’t imagine I can enter an inline image, but here’s an attempt:

  6. I was going through and listening to some of the old podcasts and I wanted to mention something I discovered recently. Anne Marie mentioned that the type in the panels menus is sometimes too small, but I found a way to temporarily zoom in on everything at the OS level, so you don’t have to keep changing screen resolution. I wrote about it as part of a larger blog post. How Designers Can Utilize Mac OS X Accessibility Features Scroll down to “Step 4: Zoom in.”

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