InDesignSecrets Podcast 165

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  • Interview with Chris Kitchener, InDesign Senior Product Manager
    • Thoughts on CS “Next”
    • New releases: Too many? Too few?
    • The delicate balance of adding new features vs. improving existing features
  • Quizzler! Code Breaker! (see below)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Butt Cap

10 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 165

  1. OK, Chris mentioned footnote improvements! You heard it here first. (That means if we don’t see them in CS6, we know it’s at the head of the list for CSnext^2. And if we do, see it in CS6, we’ll know why…)

  2. Yes, footnote inprovements! I hope Adobe realizes print is still the number one reason people purchase/ upgrade licenses of InDesign. E-book features is just icing in the cake.

  3. Would they count it as an improvement if only the broken behavior of footnotes in combination with Split Columns was fixed?

    That’s probably a “yes”. New! Footnotes now always appear at the bottom of the page!

  4. I have a query in regards to the new version being released, and if it will be compatible with Windows XP. I downloaded Adobe Edge and discovered that it is not compatible with Windows XP. Will this be the case for the Adobe CS Next?

  5. Eugene: I don’t think that’s information that’s been released. I would point out that it’s plausible that the answer may not be the same for all products in the Creative Suite.

  6. @Eugene: IMO, dropping support for Windows XP will happen sooner or later. Windows XP is an old operating system, and Windows 8 is coming in soon (end of the September 2012). Windows XP just can’t offer complete support for modern hardware, and that’s probably the main reason for dropping support for it. Maintaining support for 3+ versions of Windows is just time consuming. I don’t believe it will happen for “CS Next” version, there’s still VERY high number of computers with Windows XP on it, but we can expect this to happen. Can you pick between this two: Support for Windows XP and Improved footnotes? :-D I’ll choose improved footnotes!

  7. Adobe is touting as a major advantage of the new Cloud subscription model that it will be able to release improvements in an incremental manner. But it will still be selling standalone licenses. So if you believe their stance that like now they can’t improve such software because of accounting laws the logical conclusion is that not much will actually change in this area…

  8. Thanks Johan and Marijan, I did read about their support for Edge on XP and the fact that Windows will be dropping support altogether for XP around 2013-ish.

    If anyone here’s anything about CS Next and the OS it will run under I’d appreciate it.

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