InDesignSecrets Podcast 166

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5 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 166

  1. Hi guys, I am in a bind here so please forgive this rather non sequitor post…

    I cannot find tip on your website about an old Ventura feature of combining two or more paragraphs on a single, somewhat like a table. It was posted here sometime late last year…Help please..

    Mant thanks

  2. @David,

    Exactly…many thanks. In desperation I tried setting baseline shift at minus (e.g. -14 pt) whatever leading I was using and that and that also worked.

    Many thanks again.

  3. I’ve been doing this since 1989 and this is the first I’ve heard of Before & After. After the demise of Layers, I’ve been looking for publications like InDesign Magazine. Are there any more out there?
    I use all the Design Premium applications with InDesign and Acrobat the main ones. Also, I do a lot with JavaScript in Acrobat, any in depth publications out there for that?
    Also, a huge thanks to Anne-Marie and David for the podcast. Been with you since #1 and wouldn’t consider not listening.

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