InDesignSecrets Podcast 168

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  • Announcements
  • Drawing in InDesign
    • Pen tool and its shortcuts and permutations
    • Every frame and text wrap is actually an editable path
    • Pathfinder panel or menu to combine overlapping frames
    • Playing with type outlines
    • Using object styles
  • Finally: A Quizzler Winner!
  • Keyboard shortcut of the Week: Command-Option-V (Ctrl-Alt-V)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Convert Direction Point

6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 168

  1. “Who in their right mind would press Shift + C?” I do! Nearly every day, in fact. I often forget the name of the tool, but I remember the keyboard shortcut because I use it so much. What a great “obscure” feature of the week!

  2. Kelly, honestly, you do so many conversions of points that you need to use the keyboard shortcut? I think pattern maker has addled your brainpan. LOL

    Thanks for the kind words! Can’t wait to see you in SanFran for PePCon!

  3. Haha! The InDesign keyboard shortcut for convert direction point is the same as in Illustrator. Except in Illustrator it’s called “Convert Anchor Point.” And interestingly, in Photoshop, it’s called “Convert Point Tool,” and doesn’t have a built-in keyboard shortcut. But yes, I really do use it that much. :)

  4. One use of the Paste Into command:
    I sometimes type a couple of words (say for a major title) in a large point size (say 100pt Verdana Bold), give it a [Paper] colour with a 2pt black stroke. I then use the Create Outlines command to turn it into a frame.
    Then I drag out another text frame, type a phrase (again, just a couple of words, perhaps a sort of sub-title to the initial words) in a small point size (say 7pt Verdana Italic) and Copy and Paste that phrase many times to fill the frame. I give this tiny text a light colour, say cyan.
    I select and copy this second frame to the clipboard and Paste Into the previously-created 100pt frame.
    With Easter coming up soon, I used this most recently for the front cover of an Order of Worship for Good Friday. The words ?Good Friday? are filled with the words ?And they crucified him?. Giving the big words a drop shadow gives it a nice affect.

  5. Thanks for talking about drawing in InDesign! Ever since I “discovered” the pen tool there, I try to use it instead of going into AI if I possibly can. I also use it to fine tune text wrap when I use the “Detect Edges” option. Sometimes it needs a little tweaking, so I use the Direct Selection tool to show the path around the object and then I start adding (or subtracting) anchor points with the pen.

    Excellent podcast as usual!

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