InDesignSecrets Podcast 173

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  • Getting charts and graphs into InDesign: Solution round-up
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Monochromatic

9 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 173

  1. Graphs can be produced with some efficiency in Illustrator if one learns how to hack its graphing function. This procedure has the advantages that one can edit the original from InDesign and update placed figures and that the fonts and output are reliable. I have have never found that Delta Graph provides enough control over fonts and dimensions.

    But, we really don’t want Illustrator’s crank, antiquated piece of junk code integrated into InDesign. I have been asking the Illustrator team for at least twelve years to rewrite the graphing function. I think it’s pretty clear by now that they have no intention of doing so. Any third party that produces a good graphing plug-in for InDesign will have my money and my undying gratitude.

  2. When I had to generate some graphs a few months ago, I actually ended up using Apple’s Pages app. You can make some pretty nice 3D graphs that way. Since it’s raster art, you just need to be sure to make your page larger than you need so the resolution will be high enough when you scale down. The only downside is that you may have to tinker with colors since the graphs come out RGB instead of CMYK.

  3. I find Illustrator too difficult and tedious to use for most of my graphic work. I use Power Point to quickly create all kind of charts, smart art and shapes which are easily customizable. I then convert them to pdf as David suggested in the show, and finish them off with some of the object effects available in InDesign. But as Mike said above you need to tinker with colours.

    With all the fuss about iPads and interactivity, some of us who use InDesign to write textbooks are feeling a little left out 8 ? (

    Where?s the love??

  4. Could you please publish the feedburner link to your podcasts on your site, so we don’t have install iTunes to subscribe. Not all of use Macs, or wish to install apple software. The RSS feed to your blog works ok for recent issues but the backlog is not presented.

    The Feed Burner Link is:

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