InDesignSecrets Podcast 174

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  • News in the land of InDesign
  • Best options for getting your publication onto an iPad or other tablet
    • PDF?
    • Fixed-Layout EPUB?
    • Flowable EPUB?
    • Stand-alone or Newsstand App?
  • Top 3 Hyperlinks Myths Debunked!
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Copy Platform Style Path

9 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 174

  1. Regarding needing the full file path for data merge: I learned recently that if you put your images in the same folder as your InDesign document, you don’t need the full file path. You can put the image name into your spreadsheet. Granted, this won’t work in all situations, but it may be easier to use that workflow and simply move all the images after the merge, then Relink to Folder.

    Copy Platform Style Path is also really handy if you have a large photo database with strict naming conventions. If your photo names are really long (like full descriptions), copying the file path is a handy way to extract those really long file names and reuse portions of the names when saving new photos in Photoshop.

    As always, great podcast!

  2. I have spent a week trying to find out how to get our company’s brochures, data sheets and user guides on to Tablets/iPhones/iPads. I can see that making the files are doable in InDesign, but I haven’t been able to see the big picture (how to distribute the to customers and potential customers).
    So, JUST IN TIME and amazingly this podcast has gone a long way to answering some of my questions! How did you know that I need to know this like exactly right now??? (BTW the Adobe Forum was not much help.)
    You guys are amAzing!
    Still need to know more though. Do we really have to wait until 2013? That’s going to be hard to sell to management.

  3. Thanks for the info on hyperlinks! It got me thinking:

    Is it possible to build a hyperlink into–for example–an ad that will be reused in several publications and issues? Our three community newspapers are published in print and online, and we have to add hyperlinks to all of the ads in the PDFs before posting online. That can be quite tedious on a pageful of 2-inch ads, each of which is placed as a PDF into the InDesign layouts. (I hope that is clear!)

    I tried a sample and it didn’t work, even though I checked the box to include hyperlinks.

  4. @Aletabird, here is your problem:

    .. each of which is placed as a PDF into the InDesign layouts ..

    InDesign imports a PDF as a plain image, and this does not include hyperlinks. Hyperlinks do not “exist” in the part that ID imports — the plain text and image stream –, they are actually separate objects ‘on top of’ the actual page, just like comment notes, stamps, and manual annotations.

    I wonder if the hyperlinks do persist if you place your ad as InDesign document.

  5. @Jongware

    That’s pretty much what I was thinking. Sure would be nice if there was some way to embed that link though. It would save us hours of work each month.

    I just tested your idea of placing an Idd (with hyperlink) into another Idd and exporting that to PDF, but the link did not persist in the PDF. Shucks.

    Thanks anyway!

  6. Why not create a hyperlink in the ad in InDesign, then export it as a snippet for reuse in other InDesign files?

    You can place the PDF ad, make the whole thing a hyperlink, export it as a snippet, and when you place the snippet, the ad is still hyperlinked. When you export the INDD file to PDF, the ad retains its hyperlink.

  7. Brilliant suggestion, Anne-Marie! I just tried a test and it works! I will implement this change in our workflow. Thank you so much. You are awesome!

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