InDesignSecrets Podcast 182

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  • News:
  • Five Overlooked and Lonely InDesign Features
  • Our First “Training Client from Hell” story
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Jumbo

6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 182

  1. Hey David and Anne-Marie,

    Thanks for featuring my war story.

    As I was listening to my clip I kept hearing a little jingle bell. In case anyone else hears it, it’s my cat wandering around under my desk.



  2. Great podcast; what a kick the client story was!

    A note about Jumbo. That is an application pref and doesnt strore itself in a workspace. It also doesn’t store as a document pref.

    If you set Pages Panel Options to Jumbo Thumbnails and exit out — whether you have a doc open or not — it will return to Jumbo. If you save it to a workspace and then call up one of Adobe’s standard workspaces, you’ll still have the same Pages Panel Option.

  3. Hi Chuck, thanks for the kudos on the podcast!

    Beg to differ, Jumbo does store itself in a workspace. It’s not an app pref.

    I think what you’re encountering has to do w/how InDesign actually stores TWO versions of every workspace. (It started doing this at CS4 I think.) One version is the “pure” version that it shipped with (in the case of default workspaces like Advanced or Book) or in regards to the custom workspaces you create, the state of the panels when you first named/saved it.

    When you choose Reset [name of Workspace], InDesign opens this “pure” version. That’s why choosing Reset Advanced, for example, will lose any changes you made to the panels while that workspaces was active, including changing the thumbnails to Jumbo. But if the Pages panel was set to Jumbo when you created a custom workspace, then that setting is saved in the “pure” version of your custom workspace …. so choosing “Reset [your custom workspace] would retain the Jumbo setting.

    The other version of a workspace that InDesign maintains is called the “Current” workspace … it’s the workspace as you last left it, *including* any modifications, such as panels moved around or closed, and different options in the panels selected, such as changing thumbnail previews. The filename in your OS actually includes the name “Current”.

    Every time you modify a workspace, this “Current [workspace name]” file is saved and updated on your computer. So if you switch from one workspace to another, and then go back, or if you exit out of ID and restart, what you see is the “current” version of that workspace, including any tweaks you did, kinda like formatting overrides. That’s why Jumbo remains even if you didn’t save it in a workspace. As soon as you Reset the workspace, it’ll be gone.

    More than you wanted to know I’m sure :D

  4. Anne Marie, you got me on that one. I had checked last week before I posted, but after reading your follow I went back and did it again. And it was a slip of my mouse that perpetuated a slip of my tongue. :-)

    Thanks for going that far.

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