InDesignSecrets Podcast 183

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  • News:
    • Milestone: 2,000 blogposts!
    • Erica Gamet’s ID Power Pack
    • New version of Export to Kindle plug-in
    • Creative Cloud Education discount
    • Teacup Software’s new 2D barcodes
    • EmSoftware Wordsflow
  • Five MORE Overlooked and Lonely InDesign Features (Autocorrect anyone?)
  • Another “InDesign Horror Story” (née “Training Client from Hell”)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Use Master Page Size

6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 183

  1. You guys used my “horror story”!

    I could tell so many more horror stories about this particular InDesign user. She is nearly computer-illiterate, yet she is in charge of doing a lot of work using ID, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

    Another quick story about her: she was creating an auction program for a client not long ago. It was 20 pages. She had the whole thing laid out and was nearing completion, when the client told her: I decided I don’t want hyphenation.

    I heard her sighing and cursing under her breath about it, so a few minutes later I walked over and asked her what was wrong. She said: “I’m having to go through and take out all of the hyphens.” My eyes glazed over. I said: “No, just open up your Body paragraph style and uncheck the ‘hyphenate’ box.” She looked at me like I was speaking Cantonese. “I don’t have a Body paragraph style.” (At this point, I remembered that she doesn’t use styles.) So… I thought for a moment and said: “Ok, do this. Click 4 times somewhere in your body copy. That will select ALL of your text. Then open the Paragraph panel and uncheck the ‘hyphenate’ box.” She hesitated, then did what I said… but the hyphens didn’t go away.

    …and THAT was when I realized that she had manually put her own hyphens all over the document.

    So… I confirmed to her… “Yes, you’re right. Getting rid of those hyphens IS going to be a pain in the butt. Good luck with that!”

  2. Just another quickie about her… because working with her is pretty entertaining…

    Her computer gets viruses and spyware on a pretty regular basis, which of course means IT needs to fix it. I’ve sat at her desk, watching her use the internet, and it’s easy to see how she gets so much malware. I’ll say: “Go to YouTube and search for a video about flyfishing (or whatever)”… she will go through the following routine:

    She’ll open Internet Explorer. The first thing I notice about her Internet Explorer is that it has a stack of toolbars at the top, about 2 vertical inches of them.

    Next, she’ll locate the Yahoo search toolbar.

    Then, she’ll type “G-O-O-G-L-E” into the Yahoo search bar. (Yes, she Yahoos Google. That seems like it could potentially break the entire internet, and possibly even disrupt the universe’s spacetime continuum.)

    She will get a list of results, and she’ll click the top one, Google.

    In the Google search window, she’ll type “YouTube flyfishing.”

    She’ll get a list of results, including some sponsored results at the top of the list. She will click on the top link, no matter what it is. It may be an actual video on YouTube, or it may be a link that will install yet another toolbar on her Internet Explorer (perhaps a Flyfishing toolbar.)

    Several of us here at the office have watched her go through this routine. We are all entertained by it. Several of us have tried educating her on how to use the internet properly, but… she doesn’t respond to correction.

  3. Christopher! I laughed so loud I scared the dog … rofl. Thank you! Bless her heart … it sounds like my Mom, who’s valiantly trying to keep up w/the times at 76 yrs old and after 2 years of using a Mac I gave her still doesn’t know what a “window” is or how to go to a web site. (She types web addresses in the Google search field, which sort of works.)

    Please send us ( your email address so we can send you a little giftie. :D

  4. There are two people in these stories. The ‘co-worker’ who is ‘computer illiterate’, and incompetent in the style of a fairy story; and the story teller, who has now three times held her up to ridicule, and who (apparently) never does anything idiotic himself.
    Which one would you rather work with ?
    (Clue: The ‘co-‘ in co-worker is not supposed to stand for ‘completely untrustworthy’.)

  5. @Peter: You make a really good point… we need to say this really clearly: WE ALL MAKE STUPID MISTAKES SOMETIMES, and none of us knows everything about InDesign or anything. I’m learning new stuff all the time. That’s why I particularly liked the horror story in this podcast — I didn’t even realize you could do that!

    So we must share these kinds of stories with humility. We don’t mean to be mean. But that said, we all know someone (mother, colleague, or ourselves) that did or asked something so egregious that we had to at least vent about it a little.

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