InDesignSecrets Podcast 186

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  • News: Upcoming speaking gigs, InDesign User Group web site, Scripts for Indexes in EPUBs, Our mascot Zoey (picture below!)
  • New Year’s InDesign Resolutions (and non-InDesign related)
  • About the Primary Text Frame
  • “Negative Number” Quizzler Answer and Winner
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Relink File Extension

4 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 186

  1. On Dec. 21, Adobe sent mail to members of the Boston InDesign User Group saying:

    “We would like to alert you about recent changes to The site was recently taken offline for upgrades and security enhancements and will be re-launching in early January 2013.

    You will be receiving another communication from us once the new site is live with detailed instructions on how to access the new site and your IDUG account. “

    Did you guys not get the memo? Maybe it’s just Boston.

    (I’ve gotta say, this whole redirecting to is pretty bogus. They should just stop doing that for everything. At least they should use a 307 Temporary Redirect and not a 302 Found… or whatever is necessary so you can Reload and get the right page.)

    I will quibble with David on index vs. indices. They do [b]not[/b] necessarily mean something different, but sometimes they do. In modern (American) usage, most dictionaries and usage guides prefer indexes to indices, but permit both. Latin plurals have really fallen out of favor (e.g. formulas instead of formulae, appendixes instead of appendices)… But in some contexts, esp. mathematics, indices still holds favor. But this is style, it is not authoritative!

    Anyhow, Chicago 16 (§7.6 Alternative plural forms) offers: “In some cases, however, different forms of the plural are used for different purposes. A book may have two indexes and a mathematical expression two indices, as indicated in the Webster’s entry for the index.

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