InDesignSecrets Podcast 190

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See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode. Or view the transcript of this podcast.

  • Conference News: SXSW, MAX, HOW, Maine Media Workshop, new PEPCON speakers
  • Overlooked InDesign Resources (sites, pubs, books,etc.)
  • Quizzler! “Awesome and Wacky,” says David
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Desaturate Black

11 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 190

  1. David and Anne-Marie,

    For some reason this podcast is not yet showing up on iTunes. That’s how I usually download it. You might check on that. I was looking forward to listen to it this morning as I was driving to an event.

  2. iTunes and Google Feedburner are having issues so we had to drop Feedburner. It might take a couple days for iTunes to catch up to our new feed (which is actually the original feed). In the meantime (or anytime, really) you can subscribe to the podcast directly in iTunes (File > Subscribe to Podcast) or any other podcaster app by entering its feed:

  3. Hi

    If all the Podcasts have a transcript of dialog, it would be very useful for the people who aren’t very good English language such as me. I study English language, but listening and understand to most of the parts of dialogues of Podcasts are difficult for me, I think many lovers of Adobe InDesing who like to listen to these unique Podcasts have the same problem around the world.
    If David and Marie have a enough time to provide full transcript for all Podcasts, please do it and put it for downloading as a PDF format.

    Thanks David and Anne-Marie for all your efforts

  4. @David: Woooow, it’s excellent and the transcripts help me a lot to learn more about InDesign and its secrets.

    Thanks a million David and Ann-Maire.
    May the Force be with YOU

  5. Thanks for sorting the feed, AM. The quizzler made no sense without hearing the verbal description — though I still haven?t a clue how to achieve it!
    Being able to get the podcast from iTunes has a distinct advantage in that my ISP doesn?t count anything from Apple?s web site/s in my monthly download allowance (some sort of subtle technique to get more people to use Macs, I suspect). On the other hand, watching a video on this noble site does count. As you Americans say, go figure!

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