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>> InfoLogic’s MathMagic Pro lets you quickly insert mathematical equations and scientific symbols into your InDesign document. It anchors an EPS of the equation at the text insertion point, automatically aligning the baseline of the equation to the text baseline, and can accept incoming equations from Word’s Equation Editor, MathML, MathType, or LaTeX. Just double-click the anchored EPS to edit! Available for InDesign CS3 to CC, Mac or Windows. Special for InDesignSecrets listeners: Follow the instructions on this page to receive a free two-month subscription to MathMagic Pro ($100 value). Offer expires March 31, 2014!

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  1. Just wondering:
    In my browser Firefox 27.0.1 on Mac OSX 10.6.8 this podcast is not playing when I click the UI in the player widget. However I can make it play, if I use the link in “click here to open original MP3 in a browser window”.


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