InDesignSecrets Podcast 212

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In this episode:

  • News: Registration opens for The InDesign Conference, Free InDesign template of the month
  • Getting HTML 5 out of InDesign: Why and How?
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Missing Glyph Protection

News and special offers from our sponsors:

>> Rorohiko: Check out Rorohiko’s upcoming “Crawler,” a new InDesign plug-in that will let you export a layout’s content to HTML, ePub, Fixed Layout, and even Markdown (like the “RTF” of HTML). Its Fixed Layout output will have an option to export “Clean CSS” and “Clean HTML” making the files much easier to edit than the ones InDesign creates. Go to the Crawler page to learn more, and click the link there to contact Kris at Rorohiko with your questions about it. Or if you’re in the mood for something that you can download and use today to make your InDesign-ing easier (like Sudoku Generator and Text Exporter, mentioned in the podcast), visit the main site and just click on the Products List button. Whoa! So much to choose from, and many of them free!

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Officer Glyph (the Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week) is on the case:

2 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 212

  1. Regarding Missing Glyph Protection, Steve Werner reminded us that Adobe engineer Margie Vogel described the feature this way in an email to some early adopters:
    It is new to English InDesign. It has been in Japanese and ME versions before. CS6 also has scripting access to the preference. We are exposing it for Indic users but other users might find it useful.

    “Protect while typing” will try change the font on input. If the character typed does not exist in the font it will look for a font based on the script of the unicode value entered. So typing Japanese when using Myriad Pro will switch the font to KozMinPro. The font of the insertion point is left unchanged so if you next type a latin alphabet character the font will be Myriad Pro.

    “Protect when applying fonts” will not change the font of characters that would become missing glyphs in the new font. An alert is shown when this happens.

    Thank you, Margie! (And thank you Steve for reminding us of this discussion.)

  2. I keep waiting for Adobe to make INDD animations and MSOs exportable into HTML5 without the need for a plug-in. Any hint that this is in the works?

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