InDesignSecrets Podcast 230

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In this episode:

  • Latest news:
  • Interview with Bart Van de Weile
  • A Shaded Paragraph Conundrum!
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: [[:xdigit:]]

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Search for Hexadecimal colors in a CSS file with the [[:xdigit:]] POSIX code:grep_XDIGIT

A column head inside a one-cell table:
Using the Shaded Paragraph feature instead:
Enabling the Clip to Frame option:f-shaded3

7 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 230

  1. Small technical error in your podcast. When talking about the Obsure Feature of the Week: [[:xdigit:]] which is used to find Hexadecimal numbers, you repeatedly say that that includes numbers 0-9 and A thru E.

    But Hexadecimal is 0-9 and A thru F (not E).

    Just setting the record straight! ;-)

    • Oh my gosh, how embarrassing! I really said “A through E” instead of “F”? Argh. Must not have had enough coffee that morning. I’ve been doing hexadecimal since I was 12 years old. Jeez.

  2. Fun episode guys. You’ll be happy to know that I’m laughing with you when you make those awful, awful InDesign-based jokes. Nerds think alike because I definitely thought to myself “Treaty of GREP” which is ridiculous.

    Regarding paragraph shading, couldn’t you use some redundancy and create rule-above and -below in addition to paragraph shading? That way, you cover the first line, the last line, and everything in between. So long as everything is the same colour (and tint), the end result should be the same. That could also give you some nice sandwich effects, if needed.

    • Prescott: Wow, GREAT idea! But I’m thinking: use paragraph shading, then put a Rule Above at the top, set the Rule Above to Keep in Frame, and (here’s the fun part) set the Rule Above to a color of None! That way, the Rule forces the paragraph inside the frame.

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