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6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 233

  1. Anne-Marie, You are a woman after my own heart! I completely agree with you about using the light gray/white pasteboard interface vs. the dark with white type. Someday in the future someone will look back on these dark backgrounds with white type (everywhere online, not just InDesign) and say “What the heck were we thinking?!

  2. I just heard you talk about keep with next row in tables. It’s funny because just last week I discovered this on my own. I have a document with a table that goes on and on for pages. I realized that rows work the same as paragraphs when I hit the enter key on the number pad. It makes the row start on the next page or column. But then to undo that later baffled me for a while.

    Eventually I found the answer in the Cell Options>Rows and Columns>Keep Options. Just change Start Row: to Anywhere (instead of In Next Text Column).

  3. Oddly, this episode reappeared in my feed so I’m listening to it again (I think for the first time). Just want to add my thoughts about the Application Frame/Bar (on Mac). I personally don’t use them, largely because they take up extra space on my screen and I’m the sort of maniac that wants every pixel possible dedicated to my panels and document (ahem, thanks for the padded UI update). This means that I’m very much against Application Bar! I actually like the behavior of the Frame, especially because it pushes the window to the screen limits and fills the void below the toolbar along the left side, but as long as it’s stuck as part of a pair, I won’t be using the Frame nor the Bar.

    But here’s a fun fact: in CS4, there was a fourth full-screen mode to cycle through which was essentially the Application Frame minus the Application Bar. This was also available in Illustrator and I loved it! It ensured maximum workspace area but kept the rulers to the right of the toolbar, and didn’t cover the Dock. I’ve put in numerous requests for this to return, but now that I can simply say “Application Frame minus Bar”, maybe we’ll get some love.

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