InDesignSecrets Podcast 235

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>> Teacup Software is a consulting firm and a vendor of simple, elegant, and unobtrusive plug-ins for InDesign, including BarCodeMaker, PatternMaker (developed with our own David Blatner), and DataLinker, for linking to databases. Teacup moved to a subscription-based pricing model earlier this year. You can take 15% off the first year of any subscription when you enter the code IDSECRETS15. Hurry, this offer will end in a few weeks.

Listen to the podcast for the Quizzler, a simple question about InDesign that you can answer with a little searching. When you find the answer, email it to us at info at with QUIZZLER in the Subject line (not in a comment here!). We’ll choose a winner from all the correct answers we’ve received by SEPTEMBER 20. Winner will be notified by email and announced in the next podcast, and we’ll send the prize to them too!

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The mysterious Zoom Setting:



3 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 235

  1. Thanks for the tutorial on the GPU Performance setting.

    In the past couple of weeks, I’ve upgraded our newspaper from CC2014 to CC2015. Here’s an aspect of this new setting — hell, let’s call it a bug — that caught me off guard.

    When I’m designing on the laptop and the GPU Performance setting is on, at least some transparency settings don’t preview correctly. Here’s our nameplate with a map image in the background with transparency applied to 10 percent, and a link to how it looks when the GPU setting is active.

    GPU off:

    GPU on:

    This template’s master pages have migrated through versions dating back to 2010 and CS4, so it would be interesting to find out if this is a glitch in conversion. More experimentation after deadline.

  2. I love Brian as a presenter. Our AIGA had him come out once in a while but we haven’t seen him for seminars in a couple years.

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