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6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 237

  1. @23:40 min in – AMEN to that! That’s why I started down the track of providing ID/prepress advice to people. Sometimes however I feel I’m screaming into the void… something about a horse and not being able to lead it to water…

  2. I always take great pride in producing air-tight files when I send them to the printer. I always ask if they need anything else and supply the original files, as well as a PDF with crop marks, etc. Recently, a printer told me I was the only designer he worked with who knows how to set things up properly. I’ll take that as a compliment.

    So to Claudia’s point, it’s surprising but not shocking that 95% of designers don’t know how to send things to print! I’ve been ranting lately about how all these “product” and “UX/UI” designers have no earthly idea about how to design for print (or package, or book, or trade show, or fabric) and that traditional graphic design is now a niche! It’s scary to think there’s an entire generation who’s come up doing web banners, social media posts, and PowerPoint presentations. All that RGB junk (and yes, it’s junk) doesn’t teach how to build precision layouts that can actually go to press!

  3. On the rainbow stroke, it has to be capitalized (Rainbow), otherwise it won’t work. All 7 colors are there and they’re CYMK builds…even Claudia shouldn’t be too upset! And, no, I DON’T have anything better to do on a Friday night. Sadly.

  4. High five on that Friday night thing Erica! ;-)

    Sorry, the Rainbow stroke looks like a CMYK build, but it’s made of RGB colors. If you export it to a Press-Ready PDF with no Color Conversion (in the Output pane), you can look at the stripes w/Acrobat’s Object Inspector, and you’ll see the RGB percentages of each color. If you included a CMYK color -filled object, Acro will report its CMYK mix.

    Both InDesign and Acrobat make you work to stop it from converting the Rainbow stripe to CMYK.

    And Separations Preview in either program will show the colors after conversion to the 4 CMYK printing inks, by definition. So you can’t go by that.

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