InDesignSecrets Podcast 255

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In this episode:

  • News:
  • The problem with default RGB [Black] and CMYK [Black]
  • Interview with Khoi Vinh, Adobe’s Principal Designer
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Greek Vector Objects on Drag

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Links mentioned in this podcast:

Here’s the 256-level histogram (0 to 255) we were talking about:




3 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 255

  1. Any chance InDesign Secret members get a discount on the Single Day Virtual Pass to Creative Pro week? I’m interested in the InDesign days…

    • Laurie: Sure, that’s a great idea. I dropped a $50 off discount code in the Member Benefits page (click the blue “My Account” button in the upper-right corner to see benefits). Thanks!

  2. OK, here’s a really dumb question: if I’m prepping an InDesign book (technical manual) for PDF, mostly to be viewed online, possibly to be printed by individuals on home printers, does it matter whether my text is 100% black or rich black?

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