InDesignSecrets Podcast 256

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In this episode:

  • News:
  • Applying object styles to groups of object-styled objects (got that?)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week:  Use Native Digits When Typing in Arabic Scripts

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Middle Eastern license plate with Eastern Arabic numerals on top and Western Arabic numerals underneath  (photo by Jerry “Woody”)



5 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 256

  1. Hi David and Anne-Marie,

    I just finished listening to Podcast 256 and wanted to comment on your Obscure ID Feature of the Week. While I have no current need to get Arabic numerals, you said you didn’t have the ME version of ID so you couldn’t actually get things to work the way you wanted. What you didn’t say is that anyone who has CC can get the ME version at no extra charge if you know the procedure ( I downloaded it recently for working on a project with Hebrew and English, often in the same paragraph, and it enables me to get those paragraphs to work, which is often simply impossible without the ME version. When the project is finished, I expect I’ll remove ME and go back to regular CC 2018, as ME adds stuff to the menu bar that makes it longer enough that I can no longer fit everything I want to see at once on the menu bar, as well as some other interface changes that I don’t need most of the time. But if you need it, there’s no substitute. And I must give a shout out to Ariel Walden of ID-Extras, who pointed me in this direction when I was at an impasse last year.
    And thanks so much for all your helpful stuff at ID Secrets.

    • Excellent point, Phil! I guess we should have said “we have access to it, but don’t have it on our computers right now.” :-)

  2. Great discussion about the problem of applying an object style to a group.
    ID lets you apply different object styles to the group and the items in the group. The problem is that applying the style to the group applies it to everything in the group as well.
    But we can work the other way round: First apply the object style to the group, then go into the group and apply object styles to each item inside the group.

    Anyway, a couple of years ago I wrote a quick script that does let you apply a style to a group without affecting the objects in the group.
    It works well if there are no object style overrides to anything in the group. It also works fairly well (but not perfectly) if there overrides, meaning that they will be preserved, mostly.
    Instructions: Select the group, run the script, select the object style from the dropdown, and click OK.

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