InDesignSecrets Podcast 259

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In this episode, Anne-Marie flies solo!

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6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 259

  1. Thanks for another great podcast :)

    In response to the problem Glenna and Fiona had when renaming their documents broke the hyperlinks, without sounding trite (hopefully…) I think the best way to get around problem with broken links when renaming the InDesign documents is to not rename the documents!

    By getting in a habit of always keeping the current InDesign document consistently named and ideally also always in the same location means you and your co-workers always know where the latest version is. Of course for sending out to others, for backups or being able to rollback to previous versions you can ‘Save a Copy’ but only rename the copy you are saving with the date or version number rather than altering the name of the main document.

    Alternatively I like to compress the incremental InDesign documents into a zip file. It locks them down so no chance of accidentally opening and working on them, saves a little bit of space and means you can keep them together without the need for moving or relinking.

    Makes sense to me or maybe I am missing something?

    • Hi Ken,
      Of course we should have been doing what you suggest. But we didn’t find out we had a problem until we already had it. Next time we’ll be way more cautious. But still, wouldn’t it be great if there was a Relink Hyperlinks feature?

    • I like your ideas here, Ken. I had not thought of using Save a Copy in that way (as a way to avoid the main document name changing). I have been saving files for 30 years with names like “Document_v3” and so on, and it’s always been a problem (in PageMaker, QuarkXPress, and now InDesign). This is especially true with the Books panel, which relies on the document name also not changing.

      Ken, you should write this up as a short article and we’ll post it on the blog. :-)

  2. I use Save A Copy for named incremental files too. I always do this whenever I send out a PDF proof to a client, because I want to have an editable version of the exact same file I sent to a client.

    But normally, especially for my own projects, I’m a big fan of never renaming or Saving As INDD files, I just keep saving changes to the original file. Keeping working files — the production folder — in a local Dropbox folder means you can always go back and view/promote previous versions, since Dropbox saves a new version every time you save a change! (Also a lifesaver should you ever have a corrupted document.) Between that and Track Changes, I’m usually able to look back and retrieve something from the past whenever necessary.

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