InDesignSecrets Podcast 261

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In this episode:

  • News:
    • Tons of new videos on InDesignSecrets YouTube channel
    • InDesign Conference 2019
      • 20th anniversary of InDesign! We’ll have some special events
      • New speakers include Ina Saltz, Tony Harmer, Conrad Chavez, and Dax Castro
  • Commenting on PDFs in the cloud with Acrobat DC
  • Import PDF Comments (new feature in CC 2019) in depth
  • GREP in InDesign, 3rd edition released
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Change Arabic Diacritic Color

News and special offers from our sponsor:

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4 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 261

  1. I was confused by the “fence posts” in the Arabic within the GREP query…until I realized those were pipe symbols between each of the diacritic characters. Cool feature…and I’d love to know what that’s a specific thing, too…is that part of typography when using Arabic.

  2. First-time listener of the Podcast. Enjoyed and learned some interesting things. I use PDF comments daily when editing our documents. One issue is that I have to go and create my older documents using InDesign 6 to CC19 as Kelly Vaughn stated in her article in the magazine.

    Thanks. Ann-Marie and David.

  3. Glad to see you guys made bail, I was getting worried.

    Now, I have a bone to pick with you regarding the physics of echos. Properly executed an echo is the entire word slowly fading over and over. It is NOT the second half of the word or phrase, it’s the entire word. It’s not “eek, eek, eek” it’s “week, week, week”. And since you are down to bi-annually maybe it should be “indeterminate period, indeterminate period, indeterminate period”.

    Other than that I love your stuff, keep it up, just do it on schedule…

  4. Great InDesgin feature. The reason for wanting to color Arabic (or Hebrew) diacritics is that most of them actually represent letters (i.e., short vowel sounds: a, u, i), as Arabic is normally written consonantally (very compactly without short vowels on the line), kind of like this: ‘nDsgnScrts Pdcst, so it you want to accentuate or point to these vowels like in Latin/Roman script, you end up “there”, where seemingly easy things as coloring are suddenly not as easy anymore, often quite impossible. Help?? Similar thing (often) happens with ligatures, although there the cause lies more with the font designer.

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