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5 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 270

  1. Enable Overrides also turns on Spacing Options for space before and between footnotes allowing one to customise these per frame. I use it all the time when fitting type on a page. It is especially useful as ID’s automatic fitting of footnotes is not very good.

    • Thank you Lindsay, great comment! If this feature would have been there two years ago (and I would have known of it), I would have used it dozens of times for a certain book project.

  2. oh-ho! Lindsey, thank you! I was looking right at those options and didn’t think it through.

  3. About the Properties panel, I was not interested at first but I’ve grown to like it because of access to so many features in one place. Even though it’s mostly the same tools as the Control panel, they seem more conveniently located. I add it to panel dock so I can pop it open and use it and then importantly, close it when I’m done. It’s too huge to leave open all the time.

  4. Good idea Tina. Hrm I may give it another go.

    What I’d REALLY like is a customizable Properties panel (like how the Finder and some other programs let you customize some interface areas) so I can add/remove/rearrange at my will, maybe putting it in a toolbar across the bottom or across the top.

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