InDesignSecrets Podcast 276

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>> Cacidi Systems, developers of awesome charts and barcode creation tools for InDesign. See their 15-minute session from CreativePro Week 2020 here. Cacidi just released a huge update to Cacidi Charts, which create many types of vector charts, easy to “convert” to InDesign for ultimate creative freedom. They offer a free 30-day trial version, and right now only for CreativeProWeek attendees 50% of the price, for a very, very limited time! Discount code: CREAPRO2020

>> Priint:Suite cuts up to 80% off of the creative process lifecycle for any kind of data-driven publications like catalogs, brochures, and datasheets, with the highest level of automation possible. Lay out entire pages, sections or publications with a single click, including complex, dynamic tables. See their 15-minute session from CreativePro Week here!

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5 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 276

  1. I tried in the Safari and it works for me. There is dead air at the beginning and the intro. music is very soft as it begins.

  2. I have a question. Does anyone know how to place multiple bullet squares—to be easily checked off—on a single line as opposed to each one being hard-returned in a list?

    • Doug, if you mean you want a checkbox-style square, with more than 1 on each line, you could draw a box with the rectangle tool, cut it and then place your cursor in your text frame and PASTE that element directly inline with other text.
      I often use this method when I want to create my own bullet from a graphic, or just to paste some drawing element or graphic inline with the text.
      Hope I understood your question!

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