InDesignSecrets Videocast #5: Guides Tips

If you use guides in InDesign, you need these tips! If you don’t use guides… why not? Were you raised by wolves?! Or are guides just too much of a hassle for you? If so, you definitely need these tips!┬áHere in Episode 5, Anne-Marie and David let loose with a whole mess of guide-related tips that work in CS2, CS3, and CS4.

You can watch the videocast by clicking on the video below, or ? if you want a larger version of it ? go directly to our channel at youtube. These videos are also available on (though it usually takes a few weeks for each episode to be posted there). Alternatively, you can watch (or even subscribe) to the video podcast on iTunes with this link.

Thank you to our videocast sponsor, Teacup Software’s PatternMaker & Barcode Maker plug-ins!

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