InDesignSecrets Videocast #7: Exporting EPUB Files

Seems like everyone is asking us how to make ePUB files these days. The process is far harder than it should be, but it’s not that complicated once you get the hang of it. Check out this 15 minute videocast that steps you through the basics of exporting EPUB from InDesign.

You can watch the videocast by clicking on the video below, or ? if you want a larger version of it ? go directly to our channel at youtube. These videos are also available on (though it usually takes a few weeks for each episode to be posted there). Alternatively, you can watch (or even subscribe) to the video podcast on iTunes with this link.

Note that this videocast focuses on the Export to Digital Editions feature, which was greatly enhanced in version CS4. If you’re still using CS3 and want to make epub, you’re almost certainly going to want to upgrade.

Comments? Special features you’d like us to cover? Please chime in below!


One Comment on “InDesignSecrets Videocast #7: Exporting EPUB Files

  1. Great Video Guys! I am using a windows version of InDesign Cs4 and when I export to Adobe Digital Editions I get the error message “All documents are missing or failed to export”. How would I fix this issue?

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