The InDesigner – Episode 33: Long Documents, Part 1 – Book Basics

After a long wait, here’s a long episode about working with long documents in InDesign. This first installment in a three-part series covers the the Book palette and how to use it to manage, update and output multiple files that make up a single book. Thrown in for good measure are a few quick methods for using section markers and Find/Change to quickly modify chapter numbers and names on title pages and folios.

Download it now or watch it in your browser:

The InDesigner – Episode 33 (39 MB, 19:45 minutes)


17 Comments on “The InDesigner – Episode 33: Long Documents, Part 1 – Book Basics

    • Thanks Anne for your response… I’m hearing other audio (YouTube, Lynda, Adobe TV, iTunes, etc.) so that’s not the problem.

      Anyway, I’ll figure it out!


      P.S., thanks for you guys podcasts.

  1. I want to modify the chapter name in my master page and text file at the same time (as shown in the video using the find/change) but only the text in my paragraph changes, and the chapter heading in the master page header is not found. Can anyone help?

  2. This is a very very useful tutorial: I use to watch videos similar to this one (not only about inDesign but also Photoshop and Illustrator) and this is the first time I find such a quality – content and language -. Note that I’m Italian: Michael Murphy speaks perfectly clear! Thank you

  3. I have tried this method, but every time I try to import text (from Word or text file) into my document, it only populates the left-hand or right-hand page – depending on where I place it. I cannot get the text to autoflow from the left-hand page to the right-hand page. What am I missing?

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