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What Version of InCopy Should I be Using?

One of the more common InCopy questions that I get asked is “What version of InCopy should I be using?” The answer honestly, depends on the version of InDesign that is being used in your workflow.

Keep the Versions Consistent

It’s important to understand that with each release of InDesign, there are new features added to the program. In order for InCopy to work with these features, there is almost always a new version of InCopy released as well. These InCopy releases include the features added to InDesign to make the two programs compatible. This is why it’s important to keep the versions of InDesign and InCopy consistent for all users in the workflow. Although mixing versions of InDesign and Incopy could potentially work, you’re playing with fire by doing so especially in a production environment.

Usually But Not Always

There’s always exceptions to the rule right? Recently, Anne-Marie Concepcion brought to my attention that the latest versions of InDesign and InCopy 2014 are in fact not the same version. It seems that as of this writing, InDesign CC 2014 is at version 10.2 and InCopy CC 2014 is at version 10.0. The good news is that although the version are not the same, they do play well together.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.24.18 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.24.39 AM

Be Aware of this Glitch

Here’s a little glitch that you need to be aware of. If you open an InDesign CC file and save it as an InDesign CC 2014 file, InCopy can open it but you might get an error message about a missing plug-in. The good news is that dismissing this error message allows you to continue working as usual. It seems that InDesign CC 2014 files that are converted from InDesign CC causes this problem. If you create a file directly from InDesign CC 2014, the message no longer appears. If you encounter this problem, a simple solution is to export the InDesign file as an IDML file (InDesign Markup) and then open it and save it back to an InDesign file. After doing this, the problem will no longer occur.

Latest Update

If you do encounter this problem, I encourage you to run the latest Creative Cloud update for InDesign and InCopy. As quickly as this problem popped up, it went away just as quickly. With the latest versions of InDesign ( and InCopy ( this problem appears to be fixed, and although the versions are still not exactly the same, they play together just fine.

This is an excellent example of keeping your software up-to-date and the benefits of the Creative Cloud.

Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Author, and Consultant in the Philadelphia area and works with clients to improve their creative workflows using Adobe products. He's also the author of several courses on He specializes in PDF accessibility using Adobe InDesign and is a regular speaker at The InDesign Conference and PePcon.
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3 Comments on “What Version of InCopy Should I be Using?

  1. Hello, your article is very interesting but I have an important question.
    where I can find a table of equivalence between InCopy versions for Windows, and Mac OS versions indesign . Working with these applications long ago as a graphic designer . In my mac , design pieces with indesign on a server and assigned to editors editing InCopy computers with Windows. Every time gives us more problems. When I go to update some modified assignments it gives me an error and closes indesign . They are assignments and can not be recovered . Only the recovery reinserting text from the assignment.
    Any idea what could be the problem?
    Thank you very much for your work.


  2. Hi Teresa,

    I’m not sure what you mean by a table of equivalence. The Mac and Windows versions of both InDesign and InCopy are essentially the same. Regarding the problem you are having, are you using the same versions of InDesign and InCopy or more accurately, compatible versions? Usually when I encounter a situation like this, I’ll do a test on a local hard drive to rule out the server. I’d try that and then go from there.

    • Hi Chad Chelius, thanks for you replay.
      Some advisors told me really bad . They said they were not equivalent versions of PC and Mac , although the pc have InCopy CS6 , designers V8.0 and V8.0 have the Indesing CS6 Mac , you may not be fully compatible or that could cause error. We work with these versions.
      Now that I know it’s not, keep trying other things.
      It is difficult to ensure that it is or is not the server , since sometimes fails and sometimes not .
      But I will continue investigating.
      Best regards,

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