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What’s The Break Keyboard Character?

Terre Dunivant wrote:
What is that icon/shortcut next to Type > Insert Break Characters >Column Break? (also Frame Break, Page Break…)

Great question, Terre. These symbols on the Macintosh aren’t always obvious. However, InDesign for Windows spells it out clearly: That’s the NumEnter key (Enter on the numeric keypad). So, for example, to type a Page Break character, type Ctrl-NumEnter.

David Blatner

David Blatner

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8 Comments on “What’s The Break Keyboard Character?

  1. Jim, the only way I know to turn the numeric keypad on or off is with the Num Lock key, which most computer keyboards offer.

  2. Is it possible to perform a find/replace for column/frame breaks in CS2. This has been added to CS3, however I need it in CS2..

    • I wanted a shortcut for “insert column break.” (Was numeric enter). I could not change the default set, but was able to make a new set with the shortcut changed to Command+M.

  3. Hello David Blatner,
    I watched all of your InDesign videos for a college class on InDesign, and I am a fan. You were fun and informative to watch. I am working on a design project right now for another class, and I need to add page breaks into 160 pages of threaded text. I remembered that you were real big on keyboard shortcuts and have been researching it trying to find one that would help speed things up a little bit. So far everything says that the answer is Command-Num-Shift. I have a Mac keyboard that doesn’t have a numbers key pad. Is there an easier way to do this besides pulling Type, Insert Break Character, Page Break down from the menu 160 times?

  4. It doesn’t seem possible to even Copy and Paste the Page Break symbol… if we knew what it actually was :-) All very strange.

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