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When is InDesign CS5 Coming Out? and Other Ponderables

Holy moley, I disappear for a week (off to to shoot some new videos) and I come back to an In Box full of buzz! Specifically, Adobe buzz… I just wandered over to where I saw a car full of Adobe evangelists saying “we’d really like to tell you why we’re doing all this, but we can’t.” It’s the perfect buzz-generator!

But, um, it’s called “cs buzz” and so it’s pretty obvious something with the initials “C.S.” is nearing the end of its gestational period any week now.

Then I notice several sites, including this one, talking about how rumors are starting to fly about CS5 shipping in April… that’s next month, folks! We don’t know how true it is, but I have to admit that the prospect of a new version is pretty exciting.

(Note that although I may or may not know something about what is in any purported new version of InDesign, I would not legally be able to tell you anything about anything at this time… however, if CS5 does ship in April, then I can tell you that we’ll have some way fun things to talk about at the May Print and ePublishing Conference in Seattle and perhaps even at the seminars before then!)

What I’ve heard from a number of users around the world is that they skipped CS4 and will likely upgrade later this year, right to CS5. What about you? I asked this question once before, last year… but now that we’re nearing springtime, what do you expect to do about upgrades this year?

David Blatner

David Blatner

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56 Comments on “When is InDesign CS5 Coming Out? and Other Ponderables

  1. It is really a matter of identifying the new features and looking at how they will increase your workflow.
    I would suggest that smart guides are worth the upgrade price by themselves.

    Having just employed a new designer from another company we have spent the last 3 months learning from each other things that one or other of us did not know about CS4.
    Possibly we all need to go back to basics on some of these upgrades and really relearn how to get the best from the program.

  2. My work is primarily designing and producing heavily illustrated textbooks with a side order of simpler trade paperbacks. I usually buy the CS upgrades shortly after they’re available, but I too cautious to switch versions in midstream, so there’s always a delay while I finish books in the version of InDesign they were started in, then begin new projects in the new version. For me, the ability to use variable text in running heads made CS4 worth the price of admission. I think smart guides need work; I’m always turning that feature off and on based on my current situation. Its big problem for me is that it favors alignment to an object over alignment to a guide, so if an element somehow is a fraction of a point out of position, smart guides will insist on aligning to it and ignore the page guides. Arrrgh! Really stoked about Content-Aware fills in Photoshop CS5, though!

  3. If CS5 is released in April, will it be covered during the following sessions of the InDesignSecrets Live! 2010 North American Tour?

  4. @Katie: Yes, we will be showing whatever Adobe has made public of CS5. However, the majority of the seminar will focus on CS3 and CS4 — as the goal is to make people more efficient with the tools they have today!

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