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Where’s My Story?

Finding a particular story in Galley or Story view can be frustrating if the layout or assignment you’ve opened has a lot of workflow stories. All those grey story separator bars look the same, and you find yourself scrolling up and down looking for any recognizable text in the specific story you’re trying to edit.

The next time you find yourself in Needle in Haystack mode, do this: Go back to Layout view and drag over the first few words in your story to select them. Now switch back to Galley or Story. Your selection should be at the top of the window, with its gray story bar right above it. (Making a selection before switching views is also great for quickly finding text in the middle of a story in the new view.)

That’s not the tip, though! This one is: To make this story easy to find throughout the rest of your editing session, Option/Alt-click on the triangle in your story’s separator bar. That one click will collapse all the other stories into their separator bars except for the one you’re working on. Now, the only text visible in Galley/Story is the text belonging to your story.

Note that if your story was towards the bottom of the window, this “collapse all others” technique appears to work too well and you end up with an empty window! Don’t panic, it’s just that InCopy didn’t change the scroll bar position. A single tap on your keyboard’s Home key will autoscroll the window to the top and reveal the content.

Anne-Marie Concepcion

Anne-Marie Concepcion

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Anne-Marie Concepcion

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