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Windows Bug in CC 2018.1: First Character Ignored When Typing Over Selected Text

The recent update of InDesign CC 2018 squashed many bugs, but it looks like it also introduced a new one. Windows users report that when they select some text and then start typing, the first character they type ignored (if it is a lowercase letter).

Fortunately, a quick fix has also been identified by the InDesign team. Turning off the OpenType text frame adornment makes the problem go away. To do this, open Preferences, and choose Advanced Type, then deselect Type Contextual Controls: Show Adornment on Text Selection/Text Frame, and click OK.

InDesign CC 2018 bug fix: deselect preference Show Adornment on Text Selection/Text Frame

Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

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21 Comments on “Windows Bug in CC 2018.1: First Character Ignored When Typing Over Selected Text

  1. How do you report bugs to Adobe? I found another one that seems to have been introduced with the new search feature for cross-reference.

    When you double-click on a cross-reference in the Cross-References panel, it opens the Edit Cross References window. This used to open the window to the cross-reference you selected so you could edit it. Now, it opens the window at [All Paragraphs] with the first paragraph in this list selected.

    This is a MESS for my workflow, as I now have to search through the cross-references to find and select the one I want to edit. Fortunately, it is easier to do this now that the search box is there – but it’s an extra step that requires typing the cross-reference into the search box to find it. Hopefully Adobe will figure this out and fix it soon!

  2. And what about (on a Mac) when you select text to replace, type it in and hit enter, and InDesign has kept the first letter/number of the character being replaced/ Did I miss the fix on that one?

  3. Brenda,

    You should either go to the Adobe Forums ( and select InDesign) or use the forums here to ask your questions.

    I have not seen that problem. You’ll need to provide more information in a forum about your InDesign version, operating system, and exactly what steps you are using.

  4. Hey gang just reporting that I heard back from somebody on the InDesign Team (per Bob’s suggestion) and they say they have “verified the issue and marked it for review”. BTW per Steve’s comment, I’m running on Windows 10.

  5. Yes, Brenda, clearly isn’t encountering the same bug because the one mentioned in the post is Windows only. Her description was very sparse and there needs to be more detail for others to test a problem. Forums are best for this.

  6. I know we are to turn off this feature in the preferences for PC users. I’m curious as to what that “feature” that’s being turned of does and what it looks like in the file.

  7. Thank you! I was just looking how to fix this, when I saw your post. What a pain this has been since the InDesign update.

  8. Hi there,

    I’ve got a similar bug. I often use a so-called en-space to trigger a design, eg when I use nested styles. However, when I copy-paste the text into a Word (Mac version 16.9.1) the first letter after the en-space is deleted. By the way, I’ve checked and the option Show Adornment, as described above, is is disabled.

  9. You have saved me from at least a few thousand more grey hairs. Next if you could write an article about how to receive reparations for the millions of grey hairs we’ve got from Adobe products so far, that would be awesome!!

  10. THANK YOU SHITLOADS!!!!! I’ve been tearing my hair off for weeks. Nothing feels better than a quick fix – I sincerely love you now.


  11. GODS thank you for this. It’s been driving me nuts. I’ve tried searching but couldn’t quite seem to get the right keywords (until today).

  12. THANKS!! This was driving me nuts and I was about to shell out lots of cash to replace my perfectly fine keyboard thinking it was its fault :-)))

  13. Thank you so much! Been dealing with this issue for weeks now and finally decided it wasn’t because my keyboard has crumbs in it!

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