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Winners of the 2009 InDesignSecrets Eeek-eek-eek! Awards

A few weeks ago we asked you, our listeners and readers, to vote for your favorite scripts, plug-ins, books, and fonts in our First Annual InDesignSecrets Eeek-eek-eek! Awards. The results are in. The votes have been tallied! We have winners!

Best FREE InDesign Plug-in
First prize: Keyboard Shortcuts from DTP Tools
Runner-up: TypeFi AutoFit

Best COMMERCIAL InDesign Plug-in:
First prize: Q2ID from Markzware
Runner-up: PDF2ID from Recosoft

Best FREE third-party InDesign Script
First prize: CalendarWizard by Scott Selberg
Runner-up: LayoutZone by Martinho da Gloria
Honorable Write-in Winner:  Proper Fraction by Dan Rodney

Best three books on InDesign:
Real World InDesign (Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner, Peachpit/Adobe Press)
InDesign Breakthroughs (David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepcion, Peachpit)
InDesign Visual QuickStart Guide (Sandee Cohen, Peachpit)
Honorable 4th place: Designer’s Guide to XML in Adobe InDesign (Jim Maivald, Peachpit)
Honorable write-ins: GREP in InDesign (Kahrel, OReilly) and InDesign Typography (French, Peachpit)

Best Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week
#1: Share My Screen
#2: Gravity and Flattener Preview (tie)
#3: Merge Swatches

Best Font that Comes with InDesign
#1: Myriad Pro (25% of the vote)
#2: Garamond Premier Pro (13%)
#3: Minion Pro (10%)

All winners and runner-ups will receive a magnificent award of a classy PNG image that they can put on their web site. And we’d show you what it looks like, except it’s not finished being designed yet. So, um, just imagine something really cool looking.

Listen to our 100th podcast, published the same day as this list, to hear us announce the winners “live” along with the percentage of the votes they received and our discussion about the results.

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One Comment on “Winners of the 2009 InDesignSecrets Eeek-eek-eek! Awards

  1. Great awards! Woooh. Fair play to everyone. I can’t believe preservelocalformatting.jsx never made it :)

    Really loving the awards. good job

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